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The Community Arts Center is located at 401 W. Main Street in Danville, Kentucky. We are housed in a converted Federal Building at the corner of 4th and Main in historic downtown Danville. The Arts Center is open Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 7pm and Saturdays 10am to 5pm.  You can reach us at 859.236.4054 or If you have specific questions, reach out to one of our staff!


Do you have a question about a program, class, exhibit, or event? Want to share a great idea? Interesting in getting more involved? These fine folks are the ones you’ll want to talk to. We hope to hear from you soon!

Niki Kinkade
Executive Director

Niki’s Favorite Thing About the Arts Center: I love the “community” in the Community Arts Center.  We are truly a community space of creativity and fun for people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come through our doors and experience the arts through exhibits, classes, programs, meetings, dances, parties, concerts, healthy living experiences, weddings, camps and gatherings.  We warmly invite you to the Community Arts Center. 

Contact Niki for questions or comments regarding classes/camps or education opportunities.

Kate Snyder
Director of Marketing and Development

Kate is responsible for developing and implementing the Arts Center’s fundraising programs by connecting art-lovers in the community with opportunities to bring their passions to life. She also has the privilege of telling the world all about the opportunities that exist for them to unleash their inner artists! Kate holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in the Theology and Archaeology of the Old Testament.  Prior to joining the Arts Center, Kate spent eight years in non-profit fundraising and development in Pittsburgh, PA.

Kate’s Favorite Thing About the Arts Center: I love the inter-generational programming and the fact that there really is something for everyone at the Arts Center. Anyone in the community can get involved, from a toddler wielding a paintbrush to an eighty-year-old with a burning desire to learn the French horn. To me, that breadth of opportunity is what community is all about.

Contact Kate if you are interested in sponsoring an event, giving a cash or in-kind gift, or volunteering your time.

Brandon Long

Creative Director

Brandon was born an artist and a musician who joined the Arts Center in January 2007. He’s in charge of scheduling and hanging exhibits, maintaining gallery spaces, developing content for the annual blockbuster exhibit, instructing Starry Night Studio sessions, leading Arts Cart outreach programs, creating innovative new programming for the Community Arts Center, and creating all of our graphic designs. Before working at the Arts Center, he was a merchandising coordinator at Joseph Beth Booksellers.

Brandon’s favorite thing about the Arts Center: The reason I come to work every day is that we are providing a unique experience for artists young and old that simply didn’t exist on a local level when I was growing up. My daughter, at five years old, is one of the most driven, creative young people I’ve ever been around and I can’t help but think that the Arts Center is one of the main proponents of her enthusiasm. Sometimes people will tell her, “Jillian, you’re going to be a great artists someday,” and she replies, “I already AM an artist.” That’s when I know that at least one person has fully gotten our message and mission, and that makes it all worth it.

Contact Brandon if you are an artist who wishes to exhibit at the Arts Center or if you have questions about the annual juried show “Horizon: Contemporary Landscape”.               

Sarabeth Marlowe
Administrative Fellow

Sarabeth Marlowe joined the Community Arts Center in May of 2018 as an Administrative Fellow. Sarabeth facilitates visitor services and administrative support for the CAC. She was born and raised in Danville, KY and graduated from Georgetown College in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Sarabeth particpated in the Disney College Program after graduation and is excited to be back in Danville and playing a role in the CAC.

Sarabeth’s favorite thing about the Community Arts Center: “I fell in love with Danville at a very young age, but I fell in love with art later on in my life in college. So, the CAC offers a unique opportunity for me to merge those two loves. Seeing familiar faces from around town stop by and admire a unique and creative space is something special. Visitors of all ages are welcome to enter, explore and create together through our variety of programs. The communal aspect of the CAC is truly impactful and something I’m very glad to have a part in!”

Not sure who to talk to? Email and someone will respond to you soon!

Board of Directors

The Arts Center is served by a rotating set of board members selected from all different areas of the Danville community that devote their time, money and talents to fulfill the mission of the Arts Center.

  • Jennifer Ahnquist, President
  • Dr. Aaron Rodocker, Vice-President
  • Christopher J. Tucker, Secretary
  • Brian Hutzley, Treasurer
  • Jane Dewey
  • Deborah Cullen
  • Suzanne Farmer
  • Margo Goodwin
  • Steve Griffin
  • Jeff Jewel
  • Renee Kilty
  • Beth Leahey
  • Dr. Milton Reigelman
  • Sarah Wiltsee