Mission and History

Our Mission

The Community Arts Center creates transformative arts opportunities for every member of the community.

Arts Center History

Historic image of CAC buildingThen The Community Arts Center was originally constructed in 1909 as the United States Post Office and later became known as the Federal Building. After the Post Office moved in 1961, the building held military recruitment offices and U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Pierce Lively’s law offices. By the mid 1990s, the building was underutilized and showing signs of decline due to disuse.



HistoryNow In 2004, through the generous support of our community, the building was refurbished to its original beauty with the addition of modern amenities. It is now the home to all things arts in our community, with galleries, studios, and classrooms for teaching, practicing and viewing the arts. In addition, the adaptive reuse of this landmark preserves our historic downtown and enhances our cultural heritage. The Community Arts Center is the epicenter of Danville’s Creative District.