The Community Arts Center provides crucial arts programming to the people in our community who most need it.

Though much of this work goes on behind the scenes and away from the public eye, the Arts Center is continually reaching out to the elderly, those with low-income, and/or physical, mental and developmental disabilities. When we say we want to provide arts opportunities for every member of the community, we mean it!

pioneer-services-mark-and-trish-2Arts Cart

Every week, Creative Director Brandon Long visits Pioneer Vocational Services, bringing arts activities to adults with developmental delays. The Arts Cart makes arts activities, such as painting, drawing and music-making, accessible to members of the community who otherwise might not have an opportunity to experience them. This program fosters creativity, develops artistic skills, promotes self-expression and improves self image.

McDowell PlaceGrandbuddies

This program brings together kindergartners and senior citizens for shared art lessons. Woodlawn Elementary School buses one of its kindergarten classes to McDowell Place every other week, where an Arts Center instructor leads art activities for the students and seniors.

The heart of the Grandbuddies program is the relationships between students and their buddies. The young students relish the opportunity to spend time with caring senior citizens, sharing their latest adventures and proudly showing off their artwork. For their part, many of the senior citizens in the residence are lonely and do not have family nearby. Spending time with the kindergarten students is the highlight of their week.

Art in the Schools

Local school districts often ask us to facilitate after-school arts programming for their students, helping to expand on what they’re able to offer during the school day. You can read more about our programs in the schools here.

jennie-rogers-arts-outreachCommunity Festivals

Every party is better with art! We participate in community festivals and events, such as the Great American Brass Band Festival, the Boyle County Farmers Market, the International Conductors’ Festival, and more.