Ballroom Dance

The Arts Center offers ballroom dance classes for dancers of all abilities, whether you’ve got lots of experience or you’re a total newbie just looking to have fun. You do NOT need to bring a partner. We have a mix of couples and singles in all our dance classes, and in fact we often have more singles, so don’t be shy to come on your own!

A beginner class meets Thursdays at 6pm, with an intermediate class following at 7pm. The type of dance step being taught changes approximately every four weeks.  Classes are $10 each, per person. Drop-ins are welcome – or you are welcome to preregister for a four-week series.

Don’t forget to stop by for our dance soirees! Soirees start with a brief lesson, followed by an open dance party. Free for first times and $5 for returning dancers. Our fall 2018 soirees will take place on October 19 and December 21.