Ballroom Dance

The Arts Center offers ballroom dance classes for dancers of all abilities, whether you’ve got lots of experience or you’re a total newbie just looking to have fun.

You do NOT need to bring a partner. We have a mix of couples and singles in all our dance classes, and in fact we often have more singles, so don’t be shy to come on your own!

A beginner class meets Thursdays at 6pm, with an intermediate class following at 7pm. The type of dance step being taught changes approximately every four weeks. Dance is on break for the summer, but resumes August 10th. 

August 10 to 31
Beginner Rumba – 6pm
Intermediate Hustle (Single-Step Swing) – 7pm

Classes are $10 each at the door. Drop-ins are welcome! You can also buy a 12-class punch-card for $100.

Don’t forget to stop by for our monthly dance soirees, the 3rd Friday of each month. Soirees start with a brief lesson, followed by an open dance party. Free for first times and $5 for returning dancers.