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To Steal or Not to Steal: Has Appropriation Ruined Creativity?

May 20, 20158:24 am

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”  This quote is often attributed to Pablo Picasso, but being a “great artist,” he may very well have stolen it from someone else and used it to his own benefit. Appropriation, or the use of pre-existing objects, images, and ideas is nothing new to... View Article

Youth Pottery for Web

Youth Pottery Starts This Summer

May 15, 201511:11 am

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering Youth Pottery this summer for the first time! Starting July 29th, youth ages 8 to 13 will have the chance to learn the fundamentals of pottery. Instructor Catherine Thomsen will be teaching a variety of hand building techniques, including pinch pots, slab building,... View Article

Wreck This Room Shadow

Wreck This Room

May 14, 201511:33 am

To get the most out of your visit to the Arts Center this month (you are planning to come see the High School Artist Project and Youth Art Fair, right?), be sure to help us “Wreck This Room” on the first floor. That’s right. Gouge a hole. Scribble on the... View Article


Quilt Like A Hipster

May 14, 201510:01 am

Quilt Like A Hipster. Fun Quilts by Joni Morgan exhibit set for June, July 2015  by Joni Morgan, Exhibiting Artist “Door Into Summer” will be on exhibit along with 33 other quilts. For the past six weeks I have been busy preparing what I call, “My Body of Work.” I... View Article


I’d Make More Art IF…

April 27, 201510:51 am

I’d Make More Art IF…   As an artist, I know that I should be making more art. The creative drive within me keeps guilt-tripping me when I don’t spend enough time in the studio. Of course there are excuses that I throw into the mix. In this article, I... View Article

Carmen for Web

All I’ve Ever Wanted to Do

March 26, 20154:45 pm

Carmen loves art. “I’ve always loved to draw, ever since I was a kid,” she says. “When I was in foster care, I would draw what was on my mind. It was a way to get my feelings out without acting out. Drawing helped me to feel better about myself.... View Article


Rise Above

March 19, 201511:02 am

If you want people to SEE your art- congratulations! There are more opportunities for artists to increase their visibility than ever before! You can create a work of art in your basement (or other studio of choice), snap a picture of it, post it online and people in Tokyo can... View Article

Little girl looking at a model train set

Trains Are in Our Blood – Passing Down a Family Tradition

February 8, 20159:20 pm

Post by: Gary Ahnquist (Danville, Kentucky) When I heard there was a running train layout at the Arts Center, I had to see it. My father worked for Pullman-Standard (manufacturer of freight cars and rapid transit cars), became President of the company, and later was President of American Railway Car Institute, a... View Article

The Portal (Connie Beale)

Five Reasons to Bring Your Kids to New Year New Art

January 23, 20154:42 pm

The Arts Center’s current exhibit – New Year New Art – features the work of forty-one local and regional artists. All of the work was created since August, a requirement designed to stretch the artists and motivate them to create new things. I will confess that when I’m thinking of... View Article

Collage Day in Lisi's Lab

The Art Spark

January 21, 20151:55 pm

My oldest child is six and she’s at such a magical age for arts exploration. It only takes a small spark to kindle her imagination and set her off on a path of discovery. This weekend, we stopped by the Arts Center for the New Year New Art Junior activities... View Article