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Creativity: The Great Equalizer

My wife and I are away from home in Northern Ireland on an Artist Exchange.  We were sent by the Sister Cities in Danville, KY and are being well taken care of by the Mid & East Antrim Borough Council.  We are staying in Ballymena, N. Ireland and are creating a mural with... View Article

See Museums in a Difference Light

Brandon Long, Creative Director I’m proud to say that I have an “Art Family.”  My wife teaches art at Garrard County High School and I am Creative Director here at the Community Arts Center in Danville, KY.  We both consider ourselves to be artists, even though we’d both readily admit that we... View Article

Do You Need the Best Stuff?

Brandon Long Creative Director Sometimes I’ll have people that want to start trying their hand at art ask me, “What does it take to get started?”  What materials should they invest in to get off to a good start?  A lot of that may depend on who you ask – their... View Article

Comfort in Uncertainty

by Brandon Long, Creative Director Artists are among the few people that can have no clue where they are going and yet love every minute of it.  It is not uncommon for artists to start a new work and have no predetermined conclusion worked out in their mind as to... View Article

May the Series Be with You

I can’t wait.  As a Star Wars fan, I am eagerly anticipating the latest film (released 12/15/17) to see what adventures befall our Jedi heroes.  I’m not a dress in cosplay, read the books, collect-all-the-figures, make-your-own-lightsaber level of a fan, but I have seen all of the films, and enjoy losing... View Article

Abstraction: the Inner Struggle

Brandon Long Creative Director “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” – Edgar Degas. While he might not have been the most abstract painter, I think Degas nails the difficulty of abstraction with this quote.  To most that have never tried it, abstract... View Article

The Beauty of Rules

Brandon Long Creative Director, Community Arts Center So many people outside of the creative industry (AKA Art) – have the belief that artists just go around breaking the rules all the time.  They see us as wild rebels – that we are bound by no restrictions.  As artists, I think... View Article

Personal Connections Sell Art

At the Community Arts Center in Danville, Kentucky, we just had our best-selling show in at least a decade – perhaps even an all-time record.  During the Plein Air Artists of Central Kentucky’s (PAACK) En Plein Air exhibit, the Arts Center sold an unprecedented amount of art.  While the show... View Article

Art is for Everyone

I just came back from an amazing event in Austin, Texas, that is put on by the Kennedy Center called the LEAD Conference (Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability).  This annual conference is all about making the arts accessible to audiences with disabilities and I learned all kinds of things... View Article