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Dali on TV

Written by: Creative Director, Brandon Long In the 1950s, a popular television show, “What’s My Line?” revolved around a simple premise.  Guests would appear before a panel of celebrities that would ask a series of yes and no questions to try to determine the guests’ occupation.  The show featured all... View Article

Love It or Hate It – Either is Fine

Earlier this month, I participated in my first art festival – ever.  I was part of the Great American Art Festival, a newly-added (since last year) visual art component of the Great American Brass Band Festival (GABBF).  The Brass Band Festival has been going strong in Danville, KY for 28 years... View Article

The Best Laid Plans

A couple of years ago (although it doesn’t seem so long ago), I undertook a project of creating art every day for a year.  The medium I chose was collage.  It was portable, easily cleaned up, and required nothing more than an index card, some glue sticks, and some scrap... View Article

ReInterpret Review by Kayla Bischoff

Guest post by artist Kayla Bischoff A myriad of brilliant hues occupy the downstairs gallery of the Community Arts Center in Danville, Kentucky. Clusters of paintings line the walls, boasting the great creativity and productivity of a prolific artist: Billy Hertz. “ReInterpret: Contemporary Landscapes” is an impressive collection of nuanced... View Article

Avoid the Smorgasbord

For creative people, absolutely anything is possible.  You can create whatever you want, and too often that unchecked power can lead us down some dangerous paths.  Not dangerous like venomous snakes and shards of broken glass, but dangerous in the sense that too much “creativity” can actually dilute your message... View Article

Cultivate Curiosity

“Curiosity is the main energy.”  – Robert Rauschenberg We recently had a great series of field trips for our New Year New Art exhibit.  The work in the exhibit was quite varied. There were no real unifying themes, and the main distinguishing concept behind the exhibit was that the art... View Article

Printmaking Is Less Scary Than It Seems

People often assume that, because I work for the Arts Center, I must be an artist. Then they look confused (and somewhat alarmed) when I laugh hysterically at their adorable misconception. The truth is that I often tell people with utter sincerity that it is impossible to differentiate between my... View Article

Make It Now: Update Your Inspiration

The role of the artist is often misunderstood – being seen solely as “a creator of beauty.” While artists frequently create works of beauty, the artist’s role is something much more significant.  The artist is an interpreter of the world around her – both a product of her time as... View Article

2017 Community Survey

In a hurry? Click HERE for the survey! Over the past 11 years, the Community Arts Center has adapted its programming to meet the changing and growing needs of our community. We’ve grown from a simple gallery to a multi-faceted arts organization that serves as the creative hub for our region.... View Article

Know Your Price!

As artists, we absolutely love the art-making side of the job.  When we are in the studio, hours zip by as if they were minutes, and an entire evening can melt away in creative abandon.  But the business side of being an artist – not so much… When it comes... View Article