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The Magic of the Line

I’ve recently gotten back into teaching drawing classes at the Community Arts Center in Danville, KY and I’m having a great time. The students are kids from 4th grade to 8th grade and each of them are in love with drawing.  They are captivated and entranced with the sheer wonder... View Article

Teaching Bauhaus to Second-Graders

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, Arts Center Education Director Maggie Shapiro Haskett arrived at Jennie Rogers Elementary School with a box of packing materials, some terrific visual aids, and an ambitious goal: introduce twenty K-5th graders to Bauhaus. (If that name rings absolutely no bells, do not despair!  Keep reading!)... View Article


I am bewildered by the amount of amazing “stuff” you can buy in modern craft/hobby stores.  Aisle after aisle of it. Not only are there paints, pencils, and canvases – there are also model airplane kits, DIY science experiments in a box, faux flowers, and… let’s not try too hard... View Article

When to Stop Editing

I saw Star Wars: A New Hope last week at the Lancaster Grand Theatre in Lancaster, KY.  The Grand is having a summer movie series where they show some oldies but goodies, and I thought that revisiting the original 1977 Star Wars would be a great time.  It had been... View Article

Art in Nature

This week, during Arts Exploration Camp, our campers ventured down the street to Centre College to expand their understanding of Art Around the World and how global art can be found close to home. Their first stop was Palace of Memory, a granite and earth-mound outdoor sculpture by Maine artist Tom... View Article

Why Art Education Matters

Why Art Education Matters by Richard Power “The arts are not a frill. The arts are a response to our individuality and our nature, and help to shape our identity. Art has the potential to unify. It can speak in many languages without a translator. The arts do not discriminate.... View Article

My Night at a Starry Night Bachelorette Party

by Ivan Talley, Marketing Intern One evening this summer, I had the pleasure of attending a Starry Night studio as a paint waiter. Despite the fact I am not a great painter, I had been interested in attending one of these sessions. My interest about tripled when I was informed... View Article

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Art Adventures: Festive Windsocks

Last week, we made festive Fourth of July windsocks! This project allowed the kids to experiment with mixed media in a variety of materials like fabric, paper, and stencils. The project was a perfect fit for the upcoming holiday, but it can be versatile for any occasion. By simply switching... View Article

Victor - for web

Teen Art Camp Made a Difference for Victor

Victor is a special needs student who attends Boyle County Middle School. He has mild mental delays and short-term memory loss which means that a lot of “core” academic subjects in school – like math and reading – are challenging for him. But, he excels in the arts.  His mom signed... View Article