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Art Adventures: Festive Windsocks

July 14, 20153:22 pm

Last week, we made festive Fourth of July windsocks! This project allowed the kids to experiment with mixed media in a variety of materials like fabric, paper, and stencils. The project was a perfect fit for the upcoming holiday, but it can be versatile for any occasion. By simply switching... View Article

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Teen Art Camp Made a Difference for Victor

July 13, 20153:19 pm

Victor is a special needs student who attends Boyle County Middle School. He has mild mental delays and short-term memory loss which means that a lot of “core” academic subjects in school – like math and reading – are challenging for him. But, he excels in the arts.  His mom signed... View Article

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Art Adventures: Beaded Quilt Pins

July 8, 20155:21 pm

This week we made beaded quilt pins! Some resembled quilts with pretty patterns and colors, while others were made to resemble real-life objects, like a house and chimney. Whatever your little one’s vision, this is sure to make for a fun, engaging activity that they can even use to pin... View Article

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Art Adventures: Quilt Collage

June 26, 20159:07 am

Art Adventures is the Community Arts Center’s new drop-in art program for kids ages 4-12. Each week, an Art Guide facilitates a fun art project for kids and their grownups. Last week, we made fabric quilt collages! This project allowed us to introduce the kids to our current art exhibit... View Article

Discovery Lab Quilts

Why Are There Geese In The Building?

June 18, 20153:27 pm

There are flying geese at the Arts Center. And a log cabin. And a bear’s paw. They’re all hanging out together on the first floor. Okay, full disclosure: they’re quilt patterns. Matching up quilt patterns with their (often funky) names is one of the activities in the Quilting Discovery Lab. After... View Article

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Lisi’s Art Lab Re-Opens

June 11, 201511:27 am

It’s not just an office door, it’s a magic portal. At the end of the hall on the second floor of the Community Arts Center, is that office door. It looks like every other office door, but it’s much more than that. Inside, dreams take shape. On the other side... View Article

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After One Class, We Were Hooked

June 11, 201510:56 am

“We moved to Danville from Athens, GA, where we were spoiled with lots of community activities for kids.  So when we moved here, the first thing my husband did was search out similar opportunities. After one Munchkin and Me class, both little Marvin and Daddy Marvin were hooked.  We are... View Article

Youth Art Fair (Chloe)

Why the Youth Showcase Is Important

June 11, 201510:43 am

Each spring, community donations underwrite a youth showcase at the Community Arts Center. Basically, we fill the Arts Center with art created by students in local schools. Lots and lots of art. Some of the art is awesome because these teenagers are seriously talented. Some of it is awesome because it... View Article


To Steal or Not to Steal: Has Appropriation Ruined Creativity?

May 20, 20158:24 am

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”  This quote is often attributed to Pablo Picasso, but being a “great artist,” he may very well have stolen it from someone else and used it to his own benefit. Appropriation, or the use of pre-existing objects, images, and ideas is nothing new to... View Article

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Wreck This Room

May 14, 201511:33 am

To get the most out of your visit to the Arts Center this month (you are planning to come see the High School Artist Project and Youth Art Fair, right?), be sure to help us “Wreck This Room” on the first floor. That’s right. Gouge a hole. Scribble on the... View Article