Danville Art Festival

Danville Art Festival

The Danville Art Festival takes place June 8 & 9 on the idyllic grounds of Centre College during the Great American Brass Band Festival (started in 1990), an event which attracts over 23,000 visitors annually. The Danville Art Festival’s focus is on presenting the work of fine artists in an exclusive opportunity (a maximum of only thirty artists will be hosted for 2019). A variety of media is welcome, but artists will only be able to present two types of media per booth. 

The Danville Art Festival will be juried by a panel of jurors to ensure the work is high quality and that the event is well-rounded and not too weighted toward one medium or style of work. 

The 2019 Danville Art Festival will not have a jurying fee for artists to apply, however entry fees will most likely be implemented in future iterations of the Festival. 

Hospitality for the Danville Art Festival is top notch and includes an air-conditioned break room, booth-sitters to cover restroom breaks, and refreshments delivered by volunteers. 

The Danville Art Festival is presented by Community Arts Center, Inc. of Danville, Kentucky.

Deadline for Entries:  Jan 10, 2019

Notification of Jury Results:  Jan 18, 2019

Show Dates:  Jun 8-9 2019

Categories: Clay, Drawing/Pastel, Fiber, Glass, Metal, Mixed Media-2D, Mixed Media-3D, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Watercolor, Leather, Woodworking

Entry Instructions:
To enter the Danville Art Festival, artists must submit at least three images of their artwork (in the style and medium they intend to present in the booth) as well as a picture of a fully stocked and show-ready booth. Click here for online entry. 

One application per medium category. Artists may apply in two categories if the work greatly differs in medium and technique. If an artist is accepted in more than one category, they must display both categories of work within a single booth. 

Download the full prospectus here.