Argentine Tango

January 31, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Argentine Tango
Thursdays, January 31 to March 7
6pm to 7pm | $60 per person
Instructor: Elizabeth Haigh

Argentine tango is all about simple yet sensual walking, ideal for working on balance, non-verbal communication, and musical expression. This class is geared for new dancers and anyone who wants to get moving in a new and beautiful style. As a partner dance, there are specific leader and follower rolesso we strongly encourage leaders to attend (bring your husbands and guy-friends)! If we don’t get enough “leaders” we will not be able to offer the class.
We will use an open embrace and begin with basic walking and leading (and a few flourishes for followers), then we will learn an 8-step sequence (the “ocho”), and parallel and cross positions for the more advanced. We’ll focus heavily on musicality and how to play and improvise. 
AttireComfy, breathable clothes, no outdoor footwear. Shoes should be soft-soled and clean
EtiquettePlease be prepared to share dance partners and avoid any scents.

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