Student Showcase 2016


ssDuring the month of April, the Community Arts Center and PNC Bank are proud to highlight the creative talents of local students in the annual Student Showcase. The 2016 Student Showcase includes artwork by more than 300 students in grades K-12 from 12 schools. The 2016 Student Showcase includes three distinct exhibits: the High School Artist Project, the Youth Art Fair, and Wacky Faces.

The High School Artist Project
In the Grand Hall on the first floor, you’ll find work by participants in the High School Artist Project, a collaboration among the Danville and Boyle County High Schools, Ephraim McDowell Health, the Boyle County 4-H Council, and the Community Arts Center. Throughout the year, high school students participating in the program create artwork under the tutelage of professional artists. The goals of the project are to engage students in the processes of artwork and to boost each student’s artistic confidence and self-esteem through artistic expression.  Statewide surveys and the KY Incentives for Prevention (KIP) data for area schools demonstrate a critical need to focus on self-esteem and related issues among area students.  Student artwork is available for purchase.

The Youth Art Fair

The second floor of the Arts Center features the Youth Art Fair, organized by the Arts Commission of Danville/Boyle County in partnership with the Danville Independent School District, the Boyle County Schools, the Kentucky School for the Deaf, and Danville Christian Academy. Founded in 1998, the Arts Commission encourages, promotes, and supports appreciation of and participation in the arts. Since 2002, the Arts Commission has been pleased to offer an opportunity for local students to exhibit their work to the community.  Originally held in Millennium Park, then in local school gyms or foyers, and now at the Community Arts Center, the Youth Art Fair continues to attract hundreds of school aged participants and even more spectators.  It is proof of the value of creativity and the wealth of talent right here at home.

Wacky Faces

In March, the Arts Center hosted a special series of field trips for students in the Danville Schools with functional mental disabilities. Fifty-six students in grades K-12 visited the Arts Center’s Juxtapose exhibit to learn about – and create – collage and assemblage art. Working under the guidance of visiting artist Pat Ritter, students created “wacky faces” assemblage art that is currently exhibited on the second floor. This project was funded in part by VSA Kentucky, the State Organization on Arts and Disability.

The Student Showcase is made possible by the amazing efforts of:

The Arts Commission of Danville/Boyle County

Boyle County 4-H Council

Boyle County Schools

Danville Christian Academy

Danville Independent School District

Ephraim McDowell Health

Kentucky School for the Deaf