Second Look Quilt Challenge

The Second Look Quilt Challenge is all about the can-do spirit of upcycling, reuse, and creativity. Featuring quilts made of at least 75% repurposed material (fabric or otherwise), this exhibit will change the way you look at your high school prom dress, those old work scrubs, and that pile of vintage jeans that will never come back in style (you know the ones). Cash prize for the best in show!

Exhibit Dates: May 29 to July 28, 2018
Entry Deadline: May 1, 2018

Scroll down for more details about the parameters of the Challenge. And check out this video by Joni Morgan if you need a little inspiration!

The Second Look Quilt Challenge is an exhibit about repurposing within the medium of quilting. The jurors will be asked to select works that demonstrate excellence in quilting, craftsmanship and creative re-purposing. Parameters include: 

  • The quilt top must be made from at least 75% repurposed materials.  For this exhibit, “repurposed” means that the materials used must have had a previous intended function (such as an article of clothing, feed sacks, or curtains).  Unused scraps from previous projects do not constitute repurposed materials.
  • Quilts must consist of three layers – top, batting, and backing with a running stitch that passes through all three layers. 
  • New materials may be used for the batting and backing. 
  • Tied quilts, glued quilts, and t-shirt quilts are not eligible and will not be accepted.
  • Quilts must have been made since January of 2014 and not previously shown in any other Community Arts Center exhibitions.
  •  Quilts must have at least a 12” minimum length along the shortest edge.  Quilts may have up to a 48” maximum length along the longest edge.
  • Quilts must arrive with a 4” hanging sleeve attached to the back that runs the length of the top edge

Download the full prospectus here.

Access online entry portal.