Field Trips


A Field Trip to the Community Arts Center is Easy and Fun

The Community Arts Center is proud to present New Year New Art from January 4 to February 25, 2017. We warmly invite you and your students to join us for a robust, standards-aligned educational experience. Your visit to the Community Arts Center can also be incorporated into your Program Review

New Year New Art is a celebration of artists and their latest creative work. This year’s exhibit features over sixty unique works of art by fifty different artists – all created since August of 2016. Visitors will experience art in a variety of styles and media – painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, recycled media, fiber art, collage, and more.


The focus of New Year New Art – and of our field trip curriculum – is “Creative Identity.” Each artist in the exhibit has produced artwork that showcases their style and personal artistic identity.

Every field trip will include the opportunity for students to:

  • Create: students will create their own ceramic self-portrait tiles. This hands-on component will allow students to investigate personal ideas about self-representation and also to work towards competency in working with clay.
  • Present: students will categorize and distinguish among their pieces and demonstrate understanding of effective exhibit strategies;
  • Respond: students will describe, compare, interpret, and evaluate the exhibited work with the guidance of our art educators;
  • Connect: students will compare and contrast their own work to that of their peers and in the exhibit, and to other examples of self-portraits.


In addition to your class’ visit to the Community Arts Center, New Year New Art field trips also include a follow up visit to your classroom from one of our arts educators.  During that visit we will guide students in a review of basic color theory and a discussion of their self-portraits before painting their tiles.  We will then fire the tiles a final time before dropping them back at the schools for students to take home.

Cost and Scheduling

Admission is $6/student, $3/adult chaperones & homes school parents. Classroom teachers, aides, and bus drivers attend free. Thanks to the generous support of our funders, we are able to waive the field trip fee for third graders in the Danville and Boyle County school districts. If cost poses a barrier, please contact Kate Snyder, Associate Director for Marketing and Development at

Field trips for students with disabilities are provided under a contract with the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The VSA Museum Access for Kids Program fosters the engagement of students with disabilities, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, in the arts and culture of their community by providing opportunities to learn through, participate in, attend, and enjoy accessible arts-based events and activities. 


Field trips are 90 minutes in length and we prefer to limit class size to 30 students in order to ensure a high quality educational experience for all.  We provide at least 3 art educators and encourage as many engaged adult chaperones as you can bring! You can schedule your visit online, using the calendar below.  If you have questions, please contact Maggie Shapiro Haskett at or 859.236.4054.