The Gathering Artists is Danville longest-standing society of artists. Each year, the Gathering Artists present a collaborative exhibit focused around a unified theme. Past exhibits have explored water, barns, and a ‘limited palette’ of pink and green. This year’s theme is “infinity.” 

Group leader Pat Williams says “This year, we decided to make our exhibit into a sort of puzzle. Each artist could produce any kind of art in any medium, but the piece of art needed to contain a hidden symbol that viewers could look for. The infinity symbol was chosen both for its meaning and because it could easily be hidden in many types of art.”

The members of the Gathering Artists say that the collaborative exhibit is a chance to get to know the other members of the group better and an opportunity to challenge themselves to reach beyond their artistic comfort zones and try new things.

Infinity is on exhibit through November 10th in the Farmers National Bank Gallery on the 2nd Floor of the Community Arts Center.