Art365 – Monthly Giving

art365buttonWelcome to Art365 – the Community Arts Center’s monthly giving program, dedicated to keeping our community overflowing with art, every day of the year.

Joining Art365 is good for YOU!

  • Your account is automatically charged every month. No need to remember to make a donation. You can choose to charge your credit or debit card or to have the funds transferred safely and securely from your checking or savings account.
  • You can spread out your giving over the course of the year, allowing you to fit your BIG heart into a moderate budget!
  • As a member of Art365, you’ll be part of the Arts Center Inner Circle. You’re one of our best friends, and we treat you accordingly, with invitations to private events and behind-the-scenes updates. Not to mention our undying gratitude. 
  • Sign up by the end of the year with a monthly gift of at least $20 and you’ll be invited to a private Starry Night Studio class in January as a “thank-you” for being so amazing. We’ll provide snack and drinks and celebrate together! 

Joining Art365 is good for US!

  • Having a steady source of monthly income allows us to plan ahead and budget wisely. This is particularly helpful for our scholarship program, which is entirely community-funded. We get requests throughout the year, so we need to know we have support coming in throughout the year, too!
  • Monthly giving allows us to save on the cost of postage and fundraising materials.
  • We can point to our Art365 champions as proof of community investment in the Arts Center to leverage funding from other sources.

Basically, Art365 is good for EVERYONE!  Sign up today!