GoodGiving Guide Challenge

We’re almost there… Tuesday, November 28th is the BIGGEST day of the year. 

The kick-off to the GoodGiving Challenge is the Arts Center’s BIGGEST day of fundraising each year AND it’s also YOUR biggest day to make an impact through art. Here’s how:

The Arts Center is raising money through the GoodGiving Challenge to support our “arts access programs” – basically all the programs that help overcome barriers that prevent families from participating in the arts. We want more art for more people. Our goal is to raise $15,000 through the Challenge. That’s big for us.

Thanks to community partners like the Hudson Ellis Fund, One Way gynecology, Johnson-Pohlmann Insurance, Dr. Aaron Rodocker, and the Advocate Messenger, all donations to the Arts Center will be matched, fifty cents on the dollar, up to a total of $7,000. Your gift will go further! That’s big for you.

So grab your calendar and circle Tuesday, November 28th (feel free to add stars and exclamation points, too).  Your gift will support:

  • Free field trips for students throughout the region. We currently waive our field trip fee for second and third grades and students with disabilities but hope to expand that to additional grades in the future.
  • Class scholarships for children and adults to help overcome financial barriers that prevent many families from participating in arts education programs;
  • Free arts programs for children including Munchkin & Me preschool art class and Lisi’s Art Lab, our drop-in children’s art studio;
  • Community outreach programs that expand the reach of arts programming further into our community.