Wish List

Did you know that glue sticks make the world a better place? It’s totally true. We run through them at breakneck speed in our Lisi’s Art Lab and every time an empty husk lands in the garbage can, you can bet there’s a smiling child walking out the door, proudly clutching her creation.

If you’re looking for an easy way to support the Arts Center Check out our Wish List, below. Some items are things you might have already at your house! Others are things we’re hoping a kind soul will purchase for us. Questions? Want to help out? Contact Development Director Kate Snyder at kate@communityartscenter.net or 859.236.4054.

(If a description is in blue, it means you can click and be directed to Amazon where you can easily place an order. The Arts Center will receive up to 6% of the purchase price back as a donation!)

Magazines (2) Family-Friendly Magazines. (We’ll be using them for collages in the Juxtapose exhibit.) Louise Nevelson  Odds and Ends
(They’ll be used to create assemblage art as seen in the picture, inspired by the work of artist Louise Nevelson.)
White Paper Star Star Paper Lanterns
(for use in the Discovery Lab)
Pompoms Feathers and Craft Pompoms
Play Doh New Cans of Play-Doh Glue Sticks Glue Sticks – Lots and Lots of Glue Sticks
Watercolor Paper Watercolor Paper Watercolor Crayons Watercolor Crayons (these are so very cool)
Magna Tiles Magna Tiles (for use with our light box in Lisi’s Art Lab). Used is fine if you’ve got a set no longer getting played with! Beads Cord & Beads for Jewelry Making (any kind – all kinds!)
Music Stands 10 Music Stands Easels 8 Professional Floor Easels
Hair Dryer 4 Hair Dryers (used is fine) Heat Gun 1 Heat Gun
Portable PA system Portable PA System Tablecloth 6 White Tablecloths (6′)

Big Ticket Items

(If you might be able to make these dreams come true, let’s talk.)

  • 5 Pottery Wheels
  • Commercial Track Lighting for Several Galleries
  • Retractable Room-Darkening Shades for the Grand Hall
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6